What to Do Get Results When You Sell With Facebook in the UK

Sell With Facebook in the UK

With the current mushrooming of e-commerce stores, owners are working hard to get most out of Facebook. Most of them are doing all they can to simplify the buying process. They are investing more in Facebook advertisement and using Facebook page for customer service. It shows their fans that they are responsible. Here are some of the things you can do to enhance results.

Paid Facebook advertisement

Nothing will increase your viewership than a Facebook advertisement. You will be required to pay some advertisement fees to allow Facebook to run ads about your products. Research shows that such ads bring more targeted results compared to any other mode of advertisement. It is easier to configure your advertisement and reach out to a particular group of targeted buyers. Use gender, interest, and location to target users. Facebook allows you to start your marketing campaigns at any point. You may begin with a budget of $50. It will let you test and see what works for your business. Once you have discovered the type of ads that work well for your business, you can increase the budget gradually.

Make your buying process simple

One thing that discourages buyers from buying products from eCommerce platform is the complicated buying process. As such, it is necessary that you simplify the process and make it enjoyable. Adding links to the product page on your Facebook can help simplify the buying process. Check and ensure that you use direct links to your checkout page. Also, accept payment through Facebook apps. It is convenient and simplifies the buying process.

Move your customer support to Facebook

It will help to show the prospective buyer that you care about them. However, you must ensure that there is someone to attend to them on a 24/7 basis. It can become quite frustrating when buyers seeking info on how to use the product go unattended to. Still on customer support, ask your customers to share the product feedback (both compliments, concerns, and complaints). Ensure that you respond to the comments and offer solutions where necessary. It will make your customer develop trust in your business.

Use a mix of both manual and automated posts

When you decide to link your e-commerce with Facebook, you should be prepared to serve customers across the globe. So operating in different time zone is necessary. Unfortunately, it may not possible to stay on Facebook throughout. This is where you need to hire assistants. Alternatively, you can make use of automated posts. Hoot suite and Buffer apps can come in handy here. However, you must keep posting manually. A high engagement level helps to push your brand so, make your posts interactive.

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