Using Facebook to Grow E-Commerce in the UK

Grow E-Commerce in the UK

As the number of Facebook media users grow, most entrepreneurs have started leveraging their social media accounts to increase the volume of sales. In 2016, Facebook collected 26.9 billion from advertising. It implies that firms are using the platform to grow their e-commerce businesses. Some of the strategies you can use are creating ads, creating content about your product and sharing interesting excerpts from the web. This article looks at how you can use e-commerce to grow your business.   But before then it is crucial you decide whether Facebook is the right platform for you or not.

· Share unique and exclusive information

Before you start marketing your products on Facebook, it is critical that you build your profile. You need to be creative and original. Sharing the same information on Facebook will not motivate users to check on your posts. Also, if you are on all social media, users who see your posts on Facebook and Twitter will skip your post next time they come across it. So, ensure that your posts on each social media are unique.  The best way to go about it is to share info on upcoming event on one media and promotional activities on Facebook. It makes users have a better experience and will always want to read your posts.

· Personalize the social media

After analyzing the customer’s behavior, personalizing social media by age and interest will help boost sales. For instance, if you are using promotional codes and coupons targeting buyers aged between 20-30 years can achieve great success. People in this age group will share anything they think can benefit their friends.

In the UK, Facebook is a great marketing tool that enjoys a massive following since it cuts across all age groups. It allows you to create and share interesting content with millions of users in a minute. But such posts should contain links to your eCommerce store. Alternatively, you can link it to one of your blogs with an in-depth explanation of what you do. Write unique contents that are related to the current even and connect them to your products.


Note that most people think that they can achieve great success by marketing their products on Facebook. They end up posting content that does not add value to their effort. To avoid this, ensure that you keep the page interactive. Incorporate different types of posts that can keep the page engaging. Also, you need to make the page conversational avoid anything that may look promotional. The rule of the thumb is that keep posts engaging and exciting.

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